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Resources & Education for the HOA Community

A Simple Walkthrough

As I was walking my dogs, I noticed how dark it was. I was using a flashlight to make sure I didn’t trip and fall on the uneven pavement. It made me think about Daylight Savings Time and that in a couple of weeks it will get dark even earlier for those of us traveling […]

That First Impression

Driving home after dark recently I noticed a popular restaurant where half the lights in its sign were not illuminated. Were they were going out of business and didn’t have the money to buy lightbulbs, or did they just not care about the impression they were giving their customers?  I believe that presentation is everything, […]

The Industry Standard for a Community Association Manager

People enter the community association management profession from all backgrounds and education levels. Good customer service and time management skills are the bare minimums required. To establish credibility in this industry, I advise anyone seeking a manager position (or wanting to advance from receptionist to manager) to first obtain a certification. Certification requires taking a […]

About Joan

Joan Urbaniak is an author, blogger, educator, nonprofit management expert and Executive Director of Community Associations Institute-Greater Los Angeles Chapter. For more than 25 years she has provided resources and education to countless homeowners association boards of directors and their professional managers. Joan created this blog to share industry best practice tips she has learned over the years.

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